Music That Helps You Astral Project

Music is a huge part of a lot of people lives, but i am sure that you did not realize that certain Powerful Astral Projection Musictypes of music or sound waves can help you astral project a lot quicker. Astral projection music adds a huge improvement in technique. I am sure that at some point, when hearing a certain song you like, perhaps you have felt some type of emotion. Music has a big effect on our brain and the way we feel, the same could be applied to reaching a state of calmness to make it easier to achieve astral travel.

There are basically two types of astral projection music, which are: Subliminal music and binaural beats. They both aim to do the same thing, which is to trigger your brain to feel more relaxed and reach a state calmness where it is easier to separate your astral body from your physical body. I will get more in depth about the types of astral projection music.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats is a very stimulating type of “music” that can help you astral project. In a way it makes you focus and calm. It allows your body and mind to reach a state of meditation. What a binaural beat is, is an auditory illusion that is perceived when two completely different pure-tone sine waves, are dichotically played. A third tone would be heard while doing this. For example, if a 520 Hz pure tone is playing in your right ear, while a 510 Hz pure tone is playing in your left ear, you will start to perceive an illusion of a third tone, which is the difference of 10 Hz between the two tones. This “illusion” is what is called a binaural beat.  All you would need for this is a pair of headphones or earphones, and a music track that plays a binaural beat. Listen to the music while meditating or laying in bed and you will reach astral projection much faster!

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Powerful Astral Projection Music





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Subliminal Music

For subliminal music, you will be listening to very relaxing music while a soothing voice is heard speaking in the background. What the voice says to you, is that you WILL astral project. Your mind is trained to get used to the idea of leaving your physical body. It is best to listen to the music before you sleep every night. After some nights of listening to the message when sleeping, your brain will keep thinking of the phrases said during the music, which will make it so much easier to finally take the final step of astral projecting!

Example of subliminal music



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