How to Astral Project in 8 steps

How to astral project

Learning how to astral project will take some time and patience, it could take you some months to learn it or maybe you might even achieve it within the first try! The following 8 steps will show you exactly what to do and how to do them.

Step 1: Set an alarm & create an atmosphere

Make sure to set an alarm anywhere from 4 to 5 hours after you fall asleep. So if you were to sleep at 1 am, your alarm would go off at 5 or 6. It would be difficult to astral project in a place where you are not able to sleep comfortably. Be sure to do everything possible to minimize distraction, such as closing the curtains or making sure to rid all noises.

Step 2: Sleep and relax

Sleep in a position that you are most comfortable in. It also helps if you have a clear mind. Try doing a flexing exercise quickly before you sleep, start with flexing your arms and hands, then move your way down to your legs.

Step 3: Wake up

When you wake up, make sure to get out of bed and do anything you want for 5 to 10 minutes. Could be a bathroom break or drinking some water. Then go back to bed.

Step 4: Go back to sleep with no alarm

When you go back to bed, try sleeping while laying on your back, it is said that this position makes it easier to astral project. You do not want to set an alarm on this step because your body will naturally wake up around an hour or so and that is when the next crucial step comes into play.

Step 5: Wake up and keep still

As soon as you wake up, try not to move as much. At first it might seem a bit hard but it gets easier over time. This is part of the reason why laying on your back is preferred, it is easier to keep still this way.

Step 6: Apply the following techniques

At this step you are going to try and reach a hypnotic state, which means that you will try to approach falling asleep but at the same time not lose consciousness. Now you will begin to imagine yourself doing different activities such as:

  • moving a limb
  • swimming
  • rubbing your hand together
  • or spinning while you are laying down

For example, if you are imagining yourself swimming, try to visualize it perfectly in your head, the way you would move your arms, the way your body would move through the water, but it is important that you do not actually move physically. Try to rotate through each activity. So for 5 seconds, you could visualize yourself moving a limb, then move on to visualizing yourself swimming for 5 seconds etc… Keep rotating until you start to feel different. If you do not feel anything after a minute, just fall back to sleep and start over from step 5. If you do feel something, it most likely will feel like your body is vibrating, keep imagining that activity that worked and now it is on to step 7. (other techniques are also available if the following did not work)

Step 7: Sleep paralysis and applying final techniques

At this point your body should be in a state of sleep paralysis, which means your physical body is “asleep” but your mind is awake. At this point you will want to imagine yourself doing different a different activity than step 6. Try and imagine yourself doing one of the following:

  • try to imagine rolling out of your body
  • or even sitting up
  • imagine climbing an invisible rope
  • imagine yourself in a different part of your room

Step 8: Astral Project

You will know you are successful when you are able to see yourself sleeping. If you are not able to get your astral body out of your physical body, it might take some more practice. At this point you might want to go back into your physical body. Once you are back into your physical body start to move your fingers and toes physically, not imagine. Keep practicing every day to get better at it and soon you will be able to learn to go further from your physical body.


Congratulations! you know learned how to astral project




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