Explaining Astral Projection

astral projection

What is astral projection?

Astral projection is a term that describes a willful out-of-body experience (also referred to as OBE), which achieves the existence of a higher consciousness called the “astral body” that is completely separate to your physical body and is able to willingly travel across the universe as you please. When astral projecting, what is known as the “silver cord”, is attached from your physical body, to your astral body. The “silver cord” works as a way for your astral body to find your way back to your physical body. It has been said that the further you go, the weaker the cord gets, unless you are able to project really well. When you astral project, you will enter another place which is called the astral plane. This astral plane is believed to be populated by other travelers. This can sound a bit complicated, but everything will make more sense by reading about it and following the steps to achieve astral projecting.

How does it work?

Astral travel can be achieved in a multitude of ways including: while being awake, inducing lucid dreaming in your sleep and meditating. Each way to learn takes time and technique in order for you to master astral travel. Some people are able to naturally project while others have to practice to achieve it. A lot of different factors go into learning how to astral project. This out-of-body phenomena hasĀ  been practiced all over the world in different cultures, even hundreds of years ago.

Where does astral projection fit in today?

Today astral projection is a practice that is being widely sought out all over the world by people who are interested in learning. Recent movies about projecting are starting to become much more popular and is peaking the interest of regular people to learn how to astral project. Scientists are even trying to create machines that will help a person fall into deep sleep easier, so their relaxed body can concentrate on projecting or to lucid dream. A lot of musicians are making music specifically to relax the person and help them reach a calm level for meditation.

How is astral projection achieved?

The secret to astral projection is not that hard, it only takes time, patience and practice, then in no time you can start traveling across the universe in your astral body. Every individual will have techniques that will either work for them, or not, but on here you can start learning which technique is perfect for you. In my following posts, i will teach you the different techniques needed, the steps on how to achieve astral projection, the material such as books and guides and you will learn it in no time.


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