Alternative Techniques For Astral Projection

alternative astral projection techniquesEvery single person who tries to astral project has a different way of achieving it. Some techniques that work better for you might not work as well for the next person. If one of the steps to astral project is not working for you, there could be an alternative that works best for your body. Here you will find a list of several astral projection techniques that you could try if you notice a step is just not working for you.

Here are the astral projection techniques:

Technique #1: Relax

A lot of times people tend to try the astral projection steps while stressed. If your physical body is not in a relaxed state, that makes it harder for your astral body to separate. Some things you can do to relax might be:

  • Flexing and relaxing your muscles from your feet, up to your arms
  • Listening to soothing music
  • Making sure your bed is comfy
  • Making sure your surrounding area is not too distracting (ex. Too much light, too loud etc…)

Technique #2: Lie face down

It is much easier to astral project when sleeping on your back, but sometimes that is not comfortable for people who are used to sleeping on your stomach. Though a bit more difficult, it is very much possible to astral project while sleeping face down. Give it a try and see if this is one of the astral projection techniques that works for you.

Technique #3: Have someone sleep with you

Astral projecting can be scary for some people. When you reach the vibrating/sleep paralysis step of projecting, some people can “hear” things or “see” things around them. Even though this is the very end of reaching astral projection, it is also the step where people snap out of it, and lose the process of projecting. If fear is stopping you from astral projecting, try having someone in the room sleep near you. It can be calming to know that you are not alone in the room.

Technique #4: Change nightly eating habits

Maybe you love to eat junk food everyday at night, but that junk food could be crashing your body and making it unable to project. It is much harder to sleep when your stomach is churning or when you have too much energy from eating food or drinking coffee. Maybe try eating lighter snacks or change up the nightly diet.

Technique #5: Imagine yourself swimming/free falling

At step 7 of astral projection, this is where you apply a technique such as imagining yourself climbing a rope or rolling out of bed in order to separate from your physical body. Sometimes you will find that the techniques listed do not work for you. There are two other types of techniques that are very strong and have worked well for many people. When you reach the sleep paralysis phase, try to imagine yourself swimming. Concentrate on the way your arms and feet would move as you propel yourself forward through the water. Also concentrate on the temperature and the feel of the water on your skin. Another technique is to imagine yourself free falling. Imagine if your body suddenly fell from your bed, down a very deep hole. Think of how the air would feel on your body, sort of like sky diving.

Technique #6: Meditation

This is a simple one. Meditating is a technique that helps immensely. Doing this before sleeping every night conditions your physical and astral body to easily separate. Even if you meditate for only 5  minutes, that is better than nothing. Music often helps along with this one as well.

Technique #7: Stopping saliva while sleeping face up

Here is another one of the astral projection techniques that helps a lot. This is a common problem with a lot of people. While laying down face up and trying to sleep, saliva slowly gathers up and you have to end up swallowing it, which could break your concentration. There are some ways to overcome that. You might be trying too hard to stay still, don’t focus too hard on that, and instead focus on just projecting. Another thing that might help is that raise your head a bit higher using a pillow, this will slow down the saliva from gathering up. Also, try focusing on your breathing while sleeping, take long breathes.

There are much more astral projection techniques that are found in books as well.




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